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From Alison McDowell's channel ... Read more here


From T Mobile, about its new color -- "an even more magenta magenta!"







Conducted by Harry Blazer, winter 2022:




Finally!  Someone analyzing Covid vax findings connects with Clifford Carnicom, whose environmental research on a pervasive novel microorganism has been published for years, yet hasn't been discovered by a wide audience... If you've been following the vax findings, this is a MUST SEE.  As I said, finally!




Bud, an African Gray parrot, was not brought into court at Glenna Duram's murder trial (2017), but was apparently a witness to Glenna shooting her husband Martin.  Relatives who got the parrot later said it kept repeating "Don't f--king shoot!" in Martin's voice, along with bits of an argument in both male and female voices.



Here it comes: LiFi !!  (Did I tell you about this already -- yes.)  Visible Light Communication is next-generation WiFi.  Headline: Researchers at U Mass use the body to harvest waste energy to power wearable devices. They have invented a low-cost, innovative way to harvest the waste energy from VLC by using the human body as an antenna.  This waste energy can be recycled to power an array of wearable devices, or even, perhaps, larger electronics.  (Didn't I write about wearable batteries years ago -- because the thought hit me, not because I ever read about it.)

Wait until people compete to be the most electro-productive ... Read more here.



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