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It's called molnupiravir, or MSD, to be taken twice a day if you have Covid.  Quote: Media corporations have already expressed excitement about the new pill, and Pfizer is so confident that the pill will be swiftly approved and mandated by governments that it has already started a production line before the end of clinical trials.

Pfizer will get $1 billion from the US government if this pill is approved.  Click image for post and scroll down for video.




Hospitals have a Covid protocol.  Part of it is wringing their hands and saying they are doing their best.  Learn more from Katie's ICU experience with her husband's case of pneumonia.  Click image for video





This could be why so many people wearing masks move along like zombies ... PTSD is an anxiety behavior stemming from trauma.  Quote:  Laura Ballerini, lead author of the paper and Professor of Physiology at Graphene Flagship partner SISSA, Italy, explains that graphene oxide disables communication between the synapses that cause this type of fear.

Read more here and original study is posted here.








This lady is very good at clarifying things:




Indian physicist Rajiv Malhotra explores the moratorium on Ivermectin with Dr. Pierre Kory.  Interestingly, Dr. Kory theorizes that the suppression of ivermectin information is a ploy to induce more people to get vaccinated (the medication said to be a successful treatment for the disease, if you acknowledge that there is one).  Neither the host nor his guest discuss the mRNA/synthetic-biology aspect of Covid vaccines, which resistors are very well aware of.



Good news!  India's Bar Association has sued WHO scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan for circulating disinformation about Covid and Ivermectin:  "The Indian Bar Association has warned action under section 302 etc. of the Indian Penal Code against Dr. Soumya Swaminathan and others, for murder of each person dying due to obstruction in treatment of COVID-19 patient effectively by Ivermectin. Punishment under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code is death penalty or life imprisonment."  Read more here.

And more action on Ivermectin suppression by Japan -- see here.





A basic tutorial in case you want to start from scratch on what this is all about:




The iconic David Icke gives us a look back into the past at what happened to the elderly when the "pandemic" broke out.  Click on image for video