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Excellent presentation, and extremely important.  She refers to Katherine Watt's Bailiwick News Substack (see article here).  




Excellent discussion!  Activist Chris Garry, working to spread truth since 9/11, is a lead plaintiff in this lawsuit:



Interviewed by Stew Peters, who is extremely amped up, as usual.  Karen quotes the PaGAN website:  "Our PaGAN system shares some similarities with deep fake technologies."  




Banned from playing and deported from Australia a year ago for refusing to be vaccinated ... Bill Gates had to watch him win this year







A good overview of what Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea has discovered in conjunction with researcher colleagues.  Click image for interview



Our footplant and stride is unique to each of us.  The real Damar Hamlin's right foot is everted, meaning it points out.  He has a long, lean, lanky build, with long legs, and he walks (even as positioned in a still photo) as a lanky person would.  The "recovered" Damar, even in this still, does not seem to have the same build, his legs are shorter, and his right foot points straight ahead -- it may even be a tad inverted, as suggested by his stride.  Click image to enlarge.



This commentator tells us he was a pro-sports insider ...