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Real clouds
Real, naturally formed clouds

Geo-engineering is defined as the large-scale manipulation of the earth's environment to suit human needs and "promote habitability." Once a controversial field, scientists around the world are now recruited and paid to develop methods of geo-interference to affect our climate and topography in the effort to mitigate the current "global warming crisis."  Popular belief has it that our planet needs to be cooled because the CO2 we have so carelessly created by burning fossil fuels is warming the planet and destroying the protective layer of ozone above us.

The United Nations banned weather operations for purposes of warfare in 1978.  However, worldwide programs experimenting with the creation and manipulation of "cirrus clouds" (man made!) have been ongoing, and the design of these is supposedly to combat climate change.  (Read article here.)

Take note of what some of the D.O.E. (Department of Energy) scientists are saying:  Paul Moyer: "It's called geo-engineering.  Fighting global warming by putting a chemical dust in the atmosphere."  Gregory Benford:  "You've got to ... engineer all these, so you get the right kind of clouds, with the effects we want.  You could use barium oxide, which makes big fluffy clouds.  you could use tiny little bits of aluminum, which is benign in the environment, and essentially manage the climate."  (From a May 23, 2006 KNBC Channel 4 news program.)

Aluminum and Barium

Since clouds that form in very low humidity only do so when fine particles are present that gather the ambient moisture around them, then something must be present when "contrails" persist to form "clouds" of white material.  Clifford Carnicom's hypothesis of metallic salts correlates with the basic facts:  Since it is impossible for clouds to form under relative humidity conditions below 70% without the introduction of an aerosol of fine particles, then such particles must be present when "contrails" become clouds.  Logically, these particles should contain nuclei with a water-loving nature, such as salt.  Carnicom concludes that barium salts (oxides) may play a key role in this regard.  Barium oxide absorbs moisture, CO2 and also causes respiratory distress.

 Cirrus uncinus, evening
Why are these clouds dripping?

Showing up already in soil and drinking water samples all over the country are aluminum and barium readings at highly toxic levels -- off the charts.  Residents of Arizona and Northern California have paid for laboratory testing of environmental samples and are approaching local officials with the results.  Why not do the same?  (Read more here.)

Of note is the fact that the aerosols evidently being sprayed overhead contain, among other things, metal particulates which become ionized (electrically charged) by sunlight.  Thus, the air in which we live has been converted from a neutral, life-supporting medium into an electrically charged plasma (a conductive gas).  We are told that experiments with deflecting sunlight are to our benefit.  We are told that the "global dimming" phenomenon, now being admitted to by NASA as a consequence of the haze layers formed by "persistent jet contrails," will serve to cool the planet.  (We have already seen a 20% loss of sunlight in a couple of decades.)

HAARP ribs 
"Clouds" arrange themselves in long lines

 Clouds, layered striations
 Layers upon the striations (click to enlarge)

In actuality, surrounding the earth with reflective metals is the equivalent of covering a baking potato with tin foil.  The polymer fibers also contained in the aerosols are essentially plastics that trap heat and seal it in.  In addition, the polymers manage to trap atmospheric moisture, preventing rain.  (At other times, after heavy spraying, rain occurs.)  Turning weather on and off, trapping heat and filtering sunlight all appear to be forms of environmental manipulation.  Are scientists playing with the weather ostensibly to "help us," when the real plan may be to create or exacerbate "global warming" so that we will then beg for a man-made way out of what looks like unstoppable "climate change"?  The question we might ask is:  Is this accidental or planned?  Are scientists "finding" methods "to help us" only to condition us toward thinking we need this help ... and when the aerosol spraying program is officially admitted to, most people will accept it as positive and necessary...?

Trails made and being madeProblem, reaction, solution.  For a long time, globalists have employed what is referred to as "the Hegelian dialectic" to introduce changes to our lives that would not be condoned under ordinary circumstances.  Circumstances must be made un-ordinary.  Create a problem, then offer the solution.  First come the disastrous global-warming storms, leading humans to believe they are at the mercy of nature.  Then ... the introduction of artificial weather and a man-made re-engineering of the earth as the only way out of our predicament.  What is not revealed is that a matrix is being created -- a completely engineered world in which all "life" will be technologically controlled.  (Read this NY Times article about geo-engineering; an op-ed piece about global warming here.)

Climate change now ... spray clouds later

Man-made cloud cover
Man-made "cloud" cover 

Spraying "clouds" above us to save us from global warming is a poor [future] excuse for a program that is presently being denied.  As one studies the nature of current chemtrail "clouds" and their content, the dawning that this is deliberate begins to form.  Not only are we losing our light (and plants support the entire food chain by making food from sunlight), but we are breathing and absorbing materials that are intrinsically changing our biochemistry.  (See for blood and skin analyses.) Metal particulates in the air we inhale have displaced oxygen.  In addition to our air being conductive, we ourselves are electrically charged -- and therefore conductive.

The HAARP project (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) in Alaska consists of large antennae that blast ELFs and other frequencies into the ionosphere.  Innocuously termed a "research" and "surveillance" program, it is very likely that HAARP is modulating humans themselves, thanks to our conductivity.

HAARP's effects can also penetrate the ground, according to geoscientist Leuren Moret.  Read this July '08 article about China's recent Sichuan-province earthquake having destroyed its largest military armory and contemplate the significance.

Click photos below to enlarge:

HAARP bend
This is HAARP, bending the sky
Strong HAARP bend
If this is what it does to the sky ...
Severe HAARP bend
What is it doing to YOU?

Below, time-lapse video shows how quickly and systematically the spraying of trails occludes the sky, creating cloud cover and filtering sunlight.  (Part 1 of a film called "Don't Talk About the Weather.")

From MIT:  Aluminum destroys DNA in plant roots

Aluminum and plant roots - Click to enlargeMIT's Technology Review (October 2008) is now admitting that aluminum forms an ion in soil that is toxic to plants: "Aluminum toxicity is the main factor holding back crop growth in nearly 20 percent of the world's arable soils."  But wouldn't you know, scientists have now uncovered "a simple mutation to a single gene that makes plants thrive in spite of levels of aluminum that would normally be toxic."

Welcome to the wonders of geo-engineering!  First let's ask, How did so much aluminum get into the soil?  Shall we remember that current soil and water samples are turning up hugely dangerous levels of aluminum?  (See and for more info.  You can do your own test -- take some local soil to a lab and see what turns up.)  Then let's take note of the fact that trees and grasses are dying all over the country, evidently due to some form of toxin or fungus affecting them (see CaliforniaSkywatch).  Would one of the culprits possibly be aluminum?  If we realize that aluminum is finding its way into our soil from the sky, and then we learn that biotechnology is developing plants that can grow in spite of poisonous aluminum in the soil ... we can conclude that someone is preparing for control of our food supply, and it's not us ...

Stated further in the MIT report: "Toxic aluminum ions are known to damage DNA, and the new study suggests that plants respond by shutting down growth of cells in the tips of their roots when they accumulate too much DNA damage."  So what happens to human and animal DNA thanks to aluminum?  Do we shut down too?  Note that the field of genetics is busy engineering all kinds of alternatives to natural procreation ... and pretty soon all life may come from a lab.  (See MIT article here.)

 Spray line from air
A white shelf in the sky divides the blue from the particulate-saturated world beneath.

 Obscured earth from plane
A mound of real cumulus over an opaque shroud below.  The earth is surrounded by "haze."

 Real clouds from plane
Real clouds (like sheep!).  Notice the demarcation line and the inky blue sky above.