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Holidays have arrived ... not everyone is warm and cozy.  Here are some stories; the interviewer pays a dalla to listen:



On a similar note, a great song by Ralph McTell from the early 1970s:




Those famous words about Building 7 ...




Sheriff Arpaio: "Today, we're going to set the record straight.  I believe you will be shocked by what you hear and see ... All we have ever wanted is the truth in this matter, with the great hope that the document [posted online?] was indeed a valid representation of the original document.  Think of that -- we were trying to clear the President.  It didn't work out that way."




On December 20th, I was invited to call in to The Real Deal with Professor Jim Fetzer to explain a network of connection between Pizzagate and several other current issues.  Please listen here -- the relevant section begins at about 25 minutes.

Click image to see larger version:


SB 18 California




Okay, here we go again.  This time in Turkey -- a no-blood "sacrifice" of the Russian ambassador Andrei Karlov.  See his prone nine-times-shot body, with no blood on the floor.  (If the real sacrifices are blood sacrifices, perhaps no-blood applies to the ones that are staged?  Just wondering ...)  Read more here.

Notes from an American law-enforcement officer:  Besides no blood from the victim in spite of 9 bullet wounds at close range, the magazine from the handgun is on the floor.  Stranger still is that the magazine spring is also on the ground.  In 25 years of police work, I've never seen a magazine spring come detached.  It has to be pried open from the bottom, and if it did dislodge it would have likely flown across the room as they're packed very tightly.  See photo here.


Russian ambassador to Turkey 2016


Turkish Get-Up: After the event, this is what the Russian ambassador should have done next:




David Martin carefully explains the difference between "legal" and "constitutional" in the upcoming Electoral College meetings, scheduled for December 19th.  At these meetings, each state's electors will turn in their vote for the presidential candidate.  Votes do not necessarily have to match pledges.  The video will explain:



Fox News also explains some stuff:






Some interesting food for thought here: