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How aware are you of chemtrails?

In the testimonial below, Joe Dispenza explains that disease (or anything static and not flowing) is a locked pattern in the quantum field.  We have to go there to release it.  Now energy gives instructions to matter.



Be sure to listen to the very last part of this discussion!






Many have written to me to ask why reporter WeatherWar101 and his website and YouTube channel disappeared.  I do not have the answer to this, but some of his videos have been uploaded to the PlaneLightForce YouTube Channel.




From analyst Patrick Wood:  Technocracy is upon the world. It is not driven by citizens, but rather by the same global elitists who have been pushing for it for several decades. As such, it is a huckster operation designed to ultimately twist the natural resources of the world out of the hands of citizens and nations, and into the coffers of the elitists.

The big banks will bring us a new finance to support "global sustainability":



Joe Dispenza on how to re-wire your brain and thinking to create a new future.  This applies to all of us who live in the present and dread the unfolding of a dangerous future based on what we are learning about how present reality is being manipulated toward just that.



Watch the complete interview at London Real's website