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There's rarely a peep out of Melania, but here she is making an address at the Republican National Convention:




Rousing remarks by Vaxxed producer Del Bigtree (go to 2 hours 30 minutes):




Very interesting commentary -- something you can send to your midwit friends.  Maybe they'll get upgraded to the more-wit level!




This is the pride of Surveillance Capitalism -- data-mining children, putting them on the blockchain, career-tracking them from grade school onward into functional jobs in a totally planned economy.  This article, by John Klyczek, fits right in with the work of Alison McDowell (see the post "Wrench in the Gears Website"), picking up where famous whistleblower Charlotte Iserbyt left off.  Read full article here.



Quote:  In 1982, Special Advisor to the Department of Education’s Office of Research and Improvement, Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, blew the whistle on Project BEST (Better Education Skills through Technology). A sub-project of President Ronald Reagan’s Private Sector Initiative, Project BEST was a plan to corporatize the American education system through public-private partnerships with Big Tech companies which replace human teachers with Skinnerian “teaching machines” programmed with psychological conditioning algorithms that train students for workforce placement in a planned economy.

Now, almost fifty years later, the next phase of Project BEST is being rammed through under the duress of COVID-19 lockdown, which has forced the entire US education system to shut down brick-and-mortar classrooms with human teachers in order to convert to virtual schools that deliver online instruction through “adaptive learning” software (the modern digitalized version of the “Skinner box” teaching computers engineered for Project BEST) and “socio-emotional learning (SEL)” biofeedback wearables (devices that data-mine students’ “stimulus-response” biometrics to implement Skinnerian operant-conditioning).



Peggy Hall offers a formal Notice of Discrimination (or Notice of Violation) you can use when harrassed about not wearing a mask.
 The purpose of the document is:

(1) To educate businesses and employees that their discrimination against you is prohibited by federal law.
(2) To document any violations of your civil rights.
(3) To notify the violator of your civil rights and that criminal charges and an official complaint may be filed against them.
(4) To constitute a visible response to your distressing interaction with violators of your rights.

Click here for the Notice of Discrimination and information on how to use it.



From this video you will learn that one of the "sequences" being sought in COVID testing is identical to the human Chromosome 8.  This strongly suggests that the result of such a test will be positive, as we all have Chromosome 8.

For a source post, click here.  For the PCR-assay information from the W.H.O. that includes the same sequence (namely, our Chromosome 8), click here.

What is Chromosome 8?  Find out here.

Quote from Wikipedia: Chromosome 8 spans about 145 million base pairs (the building material of DNA) and represents between 4.5 and 5.0% of the total DNA in cells.  About 8% of its genes are involved in brain development and function, and about 16% are involved in cancer.  A unique feature of 8p is a region of about 15 megabases that appears to have a high mutation rate.  This region shows a significant divergence between human and chimpanzee, suggesting that its high mutation rates have contributed to the evolution of the human brain.

The COVID test being referred to here identifies our Chromosome 8.  Some think the tests are "a DNA grab"...