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Cell phone shields!

Cell phone shields

Large variety of fabrics/ultrasuede.  Lining blocks radiation.

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The magnet trick being shown by Covid vax receivers is hard to believe, but demonstrations continue.  One explanation is "Magneto protein" in the vaccine, or magnetic hydrogel (see more here).  Why this ferritic substance remains at the injection site is puzzling, but if the magnet trick is real, perhaps it does.  See the video below showing "iron fortification" in breakfast cereal ...


More on iron and ferromagnetism...








This talented singer and her Seattle-based band had to cancel their European tour last year due to Covid clamping the world down.  Below is a wonderful piece from their new album Echolocator. 


"Get Out of Town" from the Echolocator album:



As Trader Joe's, Costco and other big food stores lift their unlawful mask requirements -- for the vaccinated (but they are going by your word), some people say they prefer to wear masks ... See full story here.  

Quote:  "With a mask, I don’t have to smile at [customers] or worry about keeping a neutral face... I deal with anti-maskers constantly at work.  They have threatened to hurt me, tried to get me fired, thrown things at me and yelled ‘fuck you’ in my face.  If wearing a mask in the park separates me from them, I’m cool with that.”




Very clear information from Amazing Polly -- see her website here  (click image for video)





Peggy Hall addresses a crowd of 800 on May 11th before the Orange County hearing takes place on the matter of the vaccine passport (click image for video)