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David Nixon, a family doctor from down under, is interviewed again by Maria Zeee: 




Some very astonishing stuff being discussed here ... 




The Ethiopian World Federation is on to Western celebrities' interest in poor children.  Madonna's "Raising Malawi" orphanage/charity is under suspicion: The federation has asked the government of Malawi to investigate it for trafficking and sexual exploitation of Malawi's children.  Madonna has adopted four Malawian children herself.  Read more here and click image for People article. 



For the first part of this discussion, see embedded interview in the previous post (Peggy Hall Pilots) or click here 




See it here  AMidwesternDoctor reports on Substack about this survey of embalmers finding enormous fibrous clots in bodies, and "grape jelly" clots




And listen to George Webb at 10 minutes in this video interview with Jane Ruby ... The super-rich are seeking unvaxxed pilots to fly their private jets!




Eric Clopper's presentation at Harvard caused him to be fired immediately.  He went to law school and has become an attorney, and is moving forward on his quest!


For those who have never seen Eric's amazing performance at Harvard, here it is:




Alison McDowell was the only one in the world who attended Session #5 of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Metaverse conference (12-8-22).  See her post here, with all her questions to the panelists.  They finally asked her: Where are you from and what do you do?  She told them she was a mom from Philadelphia.  (See her interaction appear in the chat area of the video below.)

She said to them:  I wish we would all just admit this is about turning humans into sensors for AI-interoperable blockchain-based learning agents for the Singularity.  It’s being sold to us as a solution for climate crisis and poverty, when really we’re just training our silicon replacements.