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How aware are you of chemtrails?

Rather than being answers to questions frequently asked, consider this page to be a commentary on questions frequently asked.

illustration by David Dees

The chemtrail conspiracy theory ... why would our government spray us?

Here we go again, another "conspiracy theory."  First of all, we don't know that it's "our government."  But yes, it's going on in air space that is regulated by entities other than ourselves, so the government must know about it.  And they don't discuss it.  So you can tell the people who think it's a conspiracy theory to try to ask local officials, federal agencies, and most environmental organizations about the lines in the sky and they will see how fast they are told it's "all normal."  Perhaps it's "normal" because it's part of a wholesale changing of the natural guard ... meaning that science is entering the control room of nature and that is the direction of our world and future.

Imagine a planet on which nature no longer conducts the "orchestra of life."  (Man has battled natural forces as long as he has walked the planet.)  Imagine a world full of GMO trees and plants -- the food supply for all.  Imagine a world with a regulated climate -- no more hurricanes, tornadoes, and the like.  Imagine a world in which people are predictable -- pleasant, docile, part of a harmonized "global community."  Technology rules -- down to the very smallest particles that everything is made up of.  Now ask the question: Why are we being sprayed?

How do I know that what I'm seeing are in fact fake clouds or chemtrails?

Artificial cloud coverNASA admits to and discusses a modern phenomenon -- artificial clouds caused by airplanes.  These marvels are referred to as "man-made cirrus" or "jet cirrus."  Study our Basic Facts page for how real clouds form.  "Jet cirrus" ends up being much lower in the sky than real cirrus ever was, and spreads out to form what NASA hopes we'll think is "stratocirrus," but criss-crossed with lines as it often is, we know it came from planes.  The more you observe what's in the sky, particularly if you notice what happens to the lines left by jets, the better you will get at seeing how many of our clouds are fake!  Spend time outside ... look out of the window ... look around as you drive.  Streaky white shapes in the sky, goofy-looking "ribs" and "fish scales," layers of white haze -- you're probably looking at the result of something man-made.  True clouds (in three basic categories: cirrus, cumulus and stratus) are becoming rarer and rarer.  Today's textbooks show cloud formations that are not natural but have been given new meteorological names.  To know what real clouds [once] looked like, dig up your parents' photographs or find an old encyclopedia ... You'll see distinct puffy shapes against a cobalt-blue sky ... Those were the days!

How do those who are doing the spraying protect themselves from chemtrails?

A good question.  Many people believe that chemtrails are poisons being rained down on us.  However, we might have a hard time proving that people are actually "dying from chemtrails."  Although plant and tree life and certain types of insects indeed seem to be declining, people all over the United States and other countries are going about their business without even noticing chemtrails overhead.  While it is true that environmental samples are showing very high levels of aluminum and other neurotoxic materials that have somehow gotten into our atmosphere, the aerosol program(s) might in actuality be an endeavor to recondition the earth, its environment and life forms, rather than to kill or destroy them outright.  Thus, "those who are doing the spraying" might actually be in favor of this large-scale reconditioning agenda, which is how geoengineering itself is defined.  What remains to be seen are the long-term changes that will be wrought -- on people, places and things.  And what is being ignored is the public's right to know that such changes are being implemented.

illustration by David Dees

Why don't mainstream people notice chemtrails?

There may be many reasons for the general public being oblivious to this phenomenon.  Some have no relationship to nature and take the sky for granted, rarely looking up at what's there.  Others believe the white lines that linger and spread out are regular contrails.  They have likely never studied the properties of normal contrails and compared them to what planes are currently leaving behind them.  Or it could be mind control at its strongest -- that unawareness of the program is a part of the program itself.  It's worth noting that movies, TV shows and advertisements today are full of skies with chemtrails.  People are now accustomed to seeing fake clouds and the lines in the sky that make them, and when these "signs of the times" are planted in pictures and films, the whole program becomes even more "normal."

Ask Joe Anybody on the street what one of the lines-turning-into-clouds is and he will say, "A plane was there."  It's all about creating concepts that serve as explanations, without a basis of real reasoning behind them.  (How can planes make clouds, Joe?)

Do chemtrails come out of the jet exhaust -- that is, from the engines?

plane and trailsMany photos show the trails coming from the tail area of the plane and not from the engines themselves.  Yet some airplane engines are located on the tail.  The famous Hughes patent describes additives to the jet fuel, but aviation experts are quick to debunk chemtrails by pointing out that jet engines are precision instruments that would not operate properly if such [large amounts of] additives were mixed with the fuel.  Some people do not believe that jets are leaving the trails at all, as the [aircraft] fly at very high altitudes and are often difficult to see with the naked eye.  Some people have actually filmed/photographed "orbs" leaving the trails.  It may be that the aerosol program uses different kinds of aircraft -- most of which may be unmanned.  (UAV is the acronym for "unmanned aerial vehicle.")

Illustrations in this section by David Dees

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