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Rima Laibow, MD is unique among physicians as she never prescribed drugs for her patients, in spite of being a psychiatrist.  Her doctor skills turned to successfully helping patients with physical health issues, and the knowledge she has gained from this is tremendous.  Must listen.




Excellent interview.  Dane gives great summaries of crucial things that are happening: e.g., bees are dying of aluminum poisoning -- dementia! and this can only come from up above...





And it's being pushed in India as well ... see second video below: 










What does that mean?  Purpose of her larger report found here:  The report is useful for two sorts of readers:

(1) those who want to understand why legal systems worldwide are not stopping the mass-torture, mass-mutilation, mass-murder program that has been underway for at least three years; and

(2) lawyers, judges or legislators who may become interested in using the remaining shards of legitimate national and international legal systems, with the documents cited in the footnotes, to criminally prosecute individuals posing as government officials for acts of treason that established the corrupt legal conditions through which other men and women, posing as doctors, nurses and pharmacists, are committing torture, mutilation, murder and other crimes.

Legal researcher Katherine Watt refers to our "putative" national government.  This legal document explains more.  Also see this post.



Parking (or storing) your car has become an urban nightmare.  Author Henry Grabar (his new book, Paved Paradise) is interviewed about car storage by NPR: