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89,500 views on Rumble in just two days!






The word kindergarten literally means "childrens-garden" in German.  See these postcards from the turn of the last century, featuring babies by the dozen being grown from the ground and much more.  Very strange.  There is no body of research on this phenomenon, or the explosion of parentless babies in the late 1800s.






Magenta is a color that has no measurable wavelength.  We see it by a compensatory trick of the brain: All visible colors have specific wavelengths which distinguish them from the other colors on the color wheel.  Magenta, because it doesn’t exist on the visible light spectrum, doesn’t have one.  Rather, it’s something our brain creates.

Some have been noting that magenta is the chosen color of technology as it builds the New World (e.g., T-Mobile's color), and its growing use signals the Singularity and the birth of virtual reality.  Watch the video below (celebrating magenta, serpent energy, DNA helix) and read this post from Alison McDowell and this one by Stephers.  A just-released example of magenta celebration here.



Very interesting commentary.  See images of vax-caused blood clots floating beneath other red blood cells, and learn about pheromone transmission (according to him).



Lindsey of Rogue Ways hosts a show with Sofia Smallstorm about light and magnetism and laser therapy (based on light).




Morgan Spurlock's McDonald's adventure (eating only there for 30 days) and its results.  Back then, fast food was being blamed for weight gain, but newer research reveals that obesity begins with leaking light -- yes!  See the work of Dr. Jack Kruse to learn more, or read The Mitochondriac Manifesto by R.D. Lee...





"A Midwestern Doctor" explains more about blood clumping and zeta potential (negative charge).  This is electrochemistry, or bio-electrochemistry, and has not been discussed re: Covid vaccines.  He theorizes that the spike protein disturbs the colloidal nature of blood (causing red blood cells to lose their surface charge), resulting in coagulation.  Read more here, and watch the video below to see the zeta-clotting of blood when vax content is added.