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Carnicom Institute: CDB filament formation in blood sample subjected to low-level electrical current (magnification 1500x)

The cross-domain bacteria or novel microorganism discovered by Clifford Carnicom years ago (information totally ignored by our health agencies and scientists) and its effect on human blood appears to match what Ana Mihalcea and others are seeing under the microscope in blood samples taken since the vaccine rollout. Dr. Ana writes (with slight edits):

Clifford Carnicom showed last year that [the blood of] four unvaccinated people not only had abnormal rouleaux formation (stacking of red blood cells), but that after applying an extremely low-voltage current, the same structures I see in everyone appeared.  My findings were confirmed by Dr. David Nixon in Australia in live blood of vaccinated and unvaccinated people.  Around the world, people have called this Graphene Oxide; they see what we see: long ribbon structures. To call this Graphene Oxide may be a misnomer for the hydrogel polymer that encapsulates the payload in the shots [which could] be mRNA, toxins, or quantum dots that magnetically alter human genetic information by modifying the spin states of subatomic particles.  Clifford Carnicom called his findings CBD for Cross Domain Bacteria, [the key player in] Morgellon’s--[which seems to generate] a hydrogel polymer synthetic life form with many similarities to what we see in live blood of injected and un injected people since the C19 shot rollout.

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Sasha continues to expose DOD oversight and control over the Covid phenomenon

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Del is getting on board




The quest to understand Delta Nine Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC ...







What causes Bitcoin prices to fall?