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How aware are you of chemtrails?

From Little Ice Age to Global Warming to Global Cooling and now a heated debate worldwide about what's really happening and what it all means ... for our future ...

33,000 climate scientists and researchers disagree that man-made global warming is taking over our planet.  Recently, physicist Denis Rancourt left the ranks of "global warming" alarmists with the statement: “... By far the most destructive force on the planet is power-driven financiers and profit-driven corporations and their cartels backed by military might ... The global warming myth is a red herring that contributes to hiding this truth."  Says Rancourt:  "Global warming is strictly an imaginary problem of the First World middle class."  (Read more here.)

What does this mean?  Perhaps this video will explain how invested certain players are in what has become a political issue much more than a scientific one.  Someone once said "the public doesn't know bad science from good science."  Which is probably true.  It takes a bit of knowledge to get the science, and when a scientific issue becomes a sound bite, well then, it's not about science anymore ... it's about belief.


The American media did not tell Americans about Climategate ... not a surprise.  Breaking open in November 2009, it was the smoking gun of the global-warming "hoax."  Google the term, and you will find articles from all over the world that explain how researchers at East Anglia University in the UK manipulated data to "prove" the case for man-made CO2 being the cause for the supposed global warming fiasco.  Who were these East Anglia scientists?  None other than the core group influencing the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  Read more here.

World chessboard

Certain things are linked in the Global Warming picture.  The manipulated data and the loud, manufactured cry for CO2 control has led governments to "collaborate" in global arrangements to address global warming and man-made CO2.  These arrangements will move money and power around the world like pieces on a giant chessboard. CO2 has become the game, the world is the chessboard (or "CO2 board"), and the pieces (pawns, knights, etc.) are the world's big and little countries.

All this has been a long time in the making.  It is part of the global plan.  Yet it has had to be shaped slowly, almost like a timed-release capsule, to get the world's people to "see" the picture the way it has been designed.  The Green Movement, the media, and our own consciences have played a big role in the coloration of this artful, timed-release illusion.

Climate Debt

Climate Debt refers to a huge transfer of wealth from the Western world to Third World countries in the form of an "offset" or trading of pollution -- we have been polluting, they haven't, so we'll buy up some of their pollution credits to make it all even.  Plus, we in the West will have new taxes and controls to keep our lives in check, since we produce so much CO2.  This will be known as "carbon tax."  Watch your wallet shrink even more as the Green Movement, in step with global Climate Change protocols, convince the average American that we must scale down, pay, be punished interminably for our modern-lifestyle sins.

U.S. Senate Bill S1733 (introduced by Barbara Boxer, revised by John Kerry) is about a carbon tax (on all of us) that will revitalize the nuclear industry, relax environmental rules, enrich oil and other corporations, and call in banks and Wall Street venture capitalists to fund the buying/selling of carbon offsets.  Having signed the Copenhagen Accord, Obama has ensured $100 billion a year to a private corporation to manage the Pollution Reduction Investment program (PRI -- formerly "cap and trade").  New "climate jobs" will be the mode, along with more offshore drilling, and new governmental agencies to regulate it all (or not regulate!).  PRI will be sold to the public as the solution to global warming and climate change, supporting the Copenhagen accord and saving the planet.  Read more here.

Global Warming as Universal Bogeyman

hospitalHallelujah!  Now everything can be blamed on global warming!  How very convenient.  Did you know that a government report tells us that global warming will be responsible for higher cancer rates and an increase in mental illness?  Oh, yes.  Definitely.  And a lot more besides.  The list will keep growing as scientists will find more and more and more to be blamed on global warming.  Cancer?  The higher temperatures caused by global warming will heat up the environmental toxins around us and make them more toxic.  Therefore, we will develop more cancers.  Mental illness?  People will become stressed and anxious because of the extremes of weather caused by global warming -- the floods, rainstorms, windstorms, tornadoes, drought, heat, cold, you name it.  And this additional stress and anxiety, on top of their economic problems and job loss, will be the straw that breaks the camel's back -- resulting in mental illness.  The day may come that you will have to snitch on your neighbor ... report to the authorities that he or she has global-warming-induced mental illness because his or her basement flooded and it was just too much!

Read this winner of an article here.

The Synthesis of Global Warming, HAARP and Chemtrails ...

Never say none of this makes sense.  All it takes is a skill that we are losing fast these days -- the ability to hold disparate puzzle pieces in our minds for a while and then to put them all together.  In the words of one wise young man: "You can show them the dots, you can connect the dots for them, but you often can't make them see the whole picture."

So, we are becoming aware that chemtrails are bad news.  Writes Barbara Peterson of  "They contain barium and aluminum, which have the potential to destroy ecosystems around the world.  But what if this destruction is merely an inevitable and acceptable consequence of a much larger program?  A program intended to be part of an all-in-one solution to global control and manipulation?"  Read article here.

Song: I'm a Denier

Remember The Monkees' song "I'm a Believer"?  Well, listen up ...