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Genentech, a giant biotech entity, is about to expand in Oceanside, California to the tune of nearly half a billion dollars ... to make new drugs and research personalized medicine (translation: gene therapies).  The expansion is being built on Antibody Way!   Read more here.



Quote:  Around 1/5th of all Covid vaccines Sweden bought have been destroyed.  The cost to the taxpayer of buying in these shots only to be thrown away was a whopping $144 million.  That is money that went straight down the drain because the state bought something that people do not want.   So now Sweden has been throwing away massive amounts of vaccines doses bought with taxpayers' money.  Money that has gone right into the pockets of Pfizer and Moderna.  You paid for this, and Pfizer got rich.

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In case you aren't sure what she's pointing out to us, here's a summary (with edits):  Once you understand that the new game of holographic video-game life is running on hijacking the good intentions of most of the world's people to take care of vulnerable communities and the planet ... that's all being hijacked into global capital.  And this is through environmental social governance investing and social-impact investing.  The idea is to put the entire world and all its living beings, with smart dust and frequencies from satellites orbiting in space, into a metaverse with geolocation so that poverty, environmental pollution and climate change can be "fixed and solved."  None of this is about helping -- it's about channeling global capital.  The BlackRocks of the world, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs ... those are the people who want to digitize this majesty (pointing at beautiful mountains of Crestone, Colorado) and say "we're going to fix the planet, we're going to solve poverty, we're going to have peace" ... but we will only have all of these wonderful things if we can get everyone on blockchain and channel their energetic life force into our cybernetic systems...  And we'll make some money too.




A Brazilian researcher shows the results of computerized thermographic imaging of vaxxed blood: clots through the entire vascular system.  MUST SEE images and hear discussion at 30 minutes and 45 minutes of horrendous vascular blood clots in live people, filling the length of veins.

This is what the long clots that embalmers are pulling out of bodies look like in people who are alive.





The cat's out of the bag, but is humanity at large going to do anything? 




"Tell me this isn't real ..." 




Spelling turns out to be a key way to allow autistic people to communicate ...