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How aware are you of chemtrails?

ImageWomen are born with 400,000 eggs in their ovaries and drop only 400 in a lifetime.  Millions of sperm race to fertilize a single egg, and it is the journey of their lives.  As those numbers come together to form one human being, and that human is multiplied by 6+ billion, you have the planet's population.  In the early 1950s, according to Navy intelligence agent William Cooper, the Bilderbergers (one level of global policy makers) decided they could never control billions of people.  Wars were thus created on continents that threatened overpopulation (South America and Africa, for example) as one way of limiting the gene pool.  (Read the eye-opening book "Behold a Pale Horse" by William Cooper.)

One great form of birth control is education.  Statistics show that women defer childbearing if they are given educations, but if you educate poor women (and men), they are bound to figure out what the global elite, their IMF and their World Bank are doing with their natural resources and future.  (Read John Perkins' "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.")  Better to engineer revolutions in resource-rich Third-World countries to keep the people busy and dying; better to invite them to clean up their chaos with high-interest loans for bridges and dams that will put them in hock forever.  If economics and war "control" population in the nether parts of the world ... what happens here?

 Mood and Mind Control

Click to read weather forecast In the Western world, the control of population was first launched as a "mind war," a domestic war upon culture and society.  So began the "dumbing down" of the hard-working American -- entertainment, sports and media being some of the tools.  Vaccines, artificial sweeteners and fluoride in the water helped, and the spraying program is finishing it off.

"Control" does not necessarily mean numbers.  It can mean the way you think and feel.  It can mean where you live.  It can be about health.  It can be the creation of disease.  It can mean how and if you reproduce.  "Control" is about creating a matrix in which variables are not left to chance or nature.  Matrix: (dictionary definition) Something in which something else originates or develops.

Extra-Low Frequencies

GWEN towers in Queens NYThe human brain "uses," registers and responds to ELFs -- extra low frequencies.  Frequencies of 7.8 Hertz produce an "ascended" altered state.  10.8 Hz causes rioting, 6.6 Hz creates depression.  With the atmosphere made conductive by the ionized metals it now contains, frequencies are now conducted among us, so to speak.  Picture the ionosphere as a kind of trampoline: The frequency-machine known as HAARP zaps frequencies upward, which are returned or deflected back to earth by the ionosphere.  Our conductive air space now "holds" those frequencies, and it has been suggested that the new GWEN-tower system (Ground Wave Emergency Network, ostensibly for "improved emergency communication") receives and disseminates those frequencies at ground level.  It has also been suggested that the government-subsidized Hi-Definition television broadcasting system (AND its boxes placed in homes) will direct mood- and mind-control frequencies even more locally or precisely.  (Read more about frequencies at

PrinceThe super-musician Prince brought up chemtrails on the Travis Smiley Show (April 2009).  "You know, when I was a kid I used to see these trails in the sky all the time, and I would say, 'That's cool -- a jet just went by.  And then you started to see a whole bunch of them, and next thing you know, everybody in your neighborhood was fighting and arguing, and you didn't know why, okay?  And you REALLY didn't know why.  I mean, everybody was fighting."  (Watch interview here.)  Was Prince referring to behavior being changed after the planes flew over?  Many people report "chemtrail sickness" after a day of heavy spraying, which ill effects translate into respiratory ailments, allergies, colds, flus, headaches and changes in mood and temperament.  The word "stress" is relatively new in our culture ... People undoubtedly had even harder lives 100 or more years ago, but they weren't "stressed."  The low-grade unease we feel in our society is not just because we are forgetting to breathe deeply.  It may be an induced condition that is a baseline for what we think and do.

Our Body Chemistry

Lab ratsAdditionally, we are laboratory rats whose very biochemistry is being altered.  With our atmosphere now conductive, we are all receiving its "current."  The spraying, experimented with for at least two decades and consistently inflicted since 1998, has saturated our air with polymers, metallic particles and biological elements (including blood cells and fungi), all of which are infiltrating our bodies.  As well as the soil, plants and animals we co-exist with.  We are being steadily moved away from real nature into an engineered matrix, where all our functions can be observed and governed.  Whether you realize it or not, it is happening.  To quote Clifford Carnicom (, "The saturation is complete.  It is now a matter of maintenance and concentration."

The spraying is part of an integrated atmospheric weapons system.  Though it seems the program is on its face about [disastrous] weather modification (which has not been officially admitted to), the aerosols also contain engineered biologics -- or weaponized parasites.  According to those who have done the research, we are virtually all affected.  Perhaps "seeded" would be a better word (see left menu tab "Morgellon's Syndrome").  The mix of engineered parasites, pathogens, toxic heavy metals and mini-robots is designed to assemble within us to create an information terrain.  Micro-chipping, anyone?  Never mind the hue and cry about future RFID (radio frequency identification) tags.  We are wired.  It's already done.

 The Transhuman Corridor

EvolvingThe prefix "trans-" means "to the other side of."  Technology today is fervently enhancing every element of our lives, while we pay the price of being radiated, poisoned and compromised healthwise.  What is the end goal?  The words "transhumanism" and "posthumanism" may be the answer...  Here are other words to consider: BMIs or brain-machine interfaces, bio-intelligence, biometry, sociotech, eugenics.  The video below by Aaron Franz might serve as a guided tour of the future.

We are in an "age of transition," heading through the transhuman corridor toward a state of becoming contented E-workers -- a species programmed to perform specific tasks and not question, not exert will, not press beyond the parameters of our prescribed design.

Eugenics is the science of improving the [hereditary] qualities of a race or breed.  It is a quest for selection, elimination and control of the species.  It includes what we know as "population control," yet the control of population is not just about keeping the numbers down.  It's about "upgrading" humans into man-machines, and unifying them with technology.  Our brains will be linked to technology.  We will be minus our spirit, minus our initiative, minus our creativity and free will ... We will no longer need to reproduce or be bothered with the desire to reproduce ... We will be predictable instead of being unpredictable, and will be implanted with synthetic sensory information.  Our younger generations will be eugenicists from birth, understanding that some have to go and some will be allowed to stay.  It is a trip into our own genocide -- the decisions made by a few for the benefit of the whole.

Watch "The Age of Transitions" by Aaron Franz and form your own thoughts ... (and for more on this subject, visit

 Keep Calling It Blue ...

Blue Sky Drive, CaliforniaA street sign in Southern California.  The photo was taken -- facing east -- late in the afternoon on a "clear" day (i.e., no spraying), when the sun had moved into the western sky.  When the sun is not shining through a veil of reflective particulates the sky looks blue.  But this is now a rare phenomenon: most cities in the western world can boast little blue sky, yet if asked "What color is the sky?", people will always answer "blue." If you really pay attention, you see that where the sun actually is, the sky tends to be much whiter.  Yet we will continue to fondly name our streets "Blue Sky Drive" even when we rarely see the true blue we used to love everywhere around us.

The mind believes what the eye doesn't even see. 

What will happen when your eyes and your brain are no longer your own, but are assisted by technology?  Super-technologies linked to our senses will enhance and extend our intake of information ... How will they affect the "self" inside us?  Will they alter our perceptions, create our intake of information for us?  Presented as something that will improve us, we are already believing that biotech, nanotech and robotic technologies are the astounding super-highways of the future.  How will they affect our personal experience, though?  Watch this short video and think about where your INTUITION will go -- your gut-feeling-inner-personal core -- once you become this connected to information.  Do you want to be a techno-freak?