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Read Dane's post here; see the U.S. military document from 1970 here.



The vaccines have killed and injured too many people ...



A binder declassified and reclassified ... Click image to listen to the show




Xiren Kenny says:  I owe a lot to this brilliantly simple therapy.  It’s as if a wonderful section of our original human body user’s manual has been decoded.  And what a relief because, if all the other Lyme disease symptoms weren’t bad enough, this year I started having anxiety attacks.  Tapping (EFT) instantaneously and reliably prevented attacks from escalating and overtaking me and eventually they stopped altogether.  EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques (a.k.a. "Tapping"), is an emotional version of acupuncture … sans needles.  Certain meridian points on your body are stimulated by tapping on them with your fingertips.  Easy.  Watch.  Try.

Learn more about the EFT tapping points here (excellent resource).





A wild child grows up without human contact.  The fictional character Tarzan was technically a wild child.




Note that the pharmacist stays on the line for a long time ...





The second verdict comes in from the Austin courtroom (Friday, August 5th):