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The famous John Baldessari mural in La Jolla, CA with a few additions that pose the question:
How do those lines in the sky affect us?


Brain Cloud w trails

Now see the whole picture!  Brain Cloud by John Baldessari against the real Southern California sky:

John Baldessari mural La Jolla CA

The "clouds" over the ocean are not natural, yet by now we are used to seeing them.  It all begins with those lines in the sky ...


Here's an extraordinary interview and person ... Dr. Jennifer Daniels, whose medical license was revoked because she was not hospitalizing patients, not prescribing pharmaceutical drugs, and offering two choices besides the things she was taught at University of Pennsylvania medical school: (1) do nothing, (2) try these natural remedies.  When extending these options along with conventional allopathic treatment, the death rate in her practice dropped to zero and her patients started getting better!  (She was finding that her patients were NOT getting better using the recommended medical protocols.)

Today Dr. Daniels lives in Panama, after being put on a do-not-employ list and a terrorist watch list by the United States.  Decide for yourself what you think of this brilliant woman and dedicated practitioner: