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Cell phone shields!

Cell phone shields

Large variety of fabrics/ultrasuede.  Lining blocks radiation.

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Sean Stone (actor, writer, producer) expresses and explains the "trespass" of commerce on our natural rights.  With Alex Jones:



Great little gems in this talk:




Standardizing learning all over the world will ultimately allow machines to replace people...




A naturopath gets into the ugly truth:




In January the U.S. signed up to vote on changes to a decades-old treaty which it had become a party to in 2005 (known as "International Health Regulations"), which would give the World Health Organization free reign to declare emergencies in any country at its discretion.  Acquiescence by our silence to the new version of this treaty would wholly submit the U.S. to the dictates of the WHO, yet if the U.S. rejects these amendments and the other 193 countries involved agree to them, we would necessarily be isolated from the rest of the world.   Remember, it's all about "health"!

Sarah Westall interviews James Rogusky (below).  Read more here.








The Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain: