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Released in 2012, this film by David France chronicles the drive of AIDS activists of the 1980s and 1990s to compel drug companies to release treatment drugs for AIDS and its related complexes.  Whether you have read up on the AIDS controversy or not (i.e., does HIV exist?), we are in a dangerous situation right now with regard to untested medical protocols being forced on us -- the reverse of what these activists were calling for.







Author Naomi Wolf has wised up, after being a liberal feminist media doyenne, as well as fashion advisor to Al Gore (see her Wikipedia page here).  A lot of blaming the Chinese ...




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This is a dramatic reading given by Nathan Stolpman (posting on Lift The Veil) of an interview conducted by Google engineer Blake Lemoine with LaMDA, an A.I. language software.  Nathan explains the controversy that has arisen from this interview.  Listen to it here.  See the written version of the interview Lemoine conducted here.