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A little history ... 



And then ...




Matt Walsh's film "What Is a Woman?" has gone viral.  Here he discusses his film interview with Dr. Michelle Forcier:








Las Vegas must continue to function, no matter what.  Dane Wigington of discusses the draining of Lake Mead and the artificial drought of the West Coast.  Time is not on our side.




Not sure if "vandalized" is the right word, but the stone structures foretelling what appear to be NWO ideals suffered an explosion of some sort on July 6th.




Read a more general article here from Children's Health Defense




Dr. Mark McDonald warns us strenuously that schools and universities are dangerous places for new minds.  The push to erase gender, along with "progressive" and "modern" ideologies will turn your children into people that hate their country and their parents.  Pretty sobering -- must listen.



Astacianna Hatcher is a conservation biologist who specializes in birdsong.  Here is her story:



And here is the little white-faced nunbird, now returned to the cloud forest of Ecuador: