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Dr. Ana Mihalcea has found polymers in 90% of human blood, and these are self-assembling "intelligent" materials. Will this be waved off by mainstream science as the type of MP (microplastic) invasion environmental activists have been protesting for several decades?  Or will it be admitted some day that the Covid shots brought us plastics as xeno-biotic micromaterials intended to integrate with our own biology?

Dr. Ana writes:  A new study on microplastics in human blood continues to confirm everything we have been seeing in our live blood analysis.  Of course the scientists do not question any correlation to the C19 bioweapon.

She compares her own findings to those of the study, reported in Science Direct (June 2024). Dr. Ana reports: 90% of healthy volunteers had microplastic polymers in their blood. Polyethylene was most common. Polyethylene glycol is used for the lipid nanoparticles in the C19 bioweapons. The particles were from 5 to 800 micrometers (microns), well within the size range that we are able to see with our darkfield microscopy. Please note that this is a catastrophic finding, as red blood cell and capillary size is about 5-7 microns. Some particles were up to 3000 micrometers/microns in length, which is enormous and certainly can cause heart attacks and strokes. 79% of the polymers where white or clear, which is what we are seeing in live blood as well.