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Wow. This is her theory, and it's quite a theory.  Watt writes (read full post here):  My hypothesis is that they have maintained a bunch of empty office buildings that serve only as mailing addresses without having any actual technical staff, laboratory equipment, or application and sample processing procedures.  [This is] so they can have fake forms for vaccine manufacturers to fill out.  These include both the establishment license application (ELA) and product license application (PLA), from 1973 to the mid-1990s.

The ELA/PLA application process became the biologics license application (BLA) in the mid-1990s, by eliminating the ostensible/fake requirement for establishment inspections and licensing, and by breaking up the "responsible head" at the factories into multiple responsible people, so that no one would be responsible.

[Back then] the vaccine-factory employees, who [have] no scientific knowledge or responsibility [and work] in a building whose equipment makes immunotoxic junk [to be put] in vials and [slapped with] labels, filled out the application forms and mailed them to the FDA addresses.  The application forms arrived at that address where other paper pushers put them in a filing cabinet and then shredded them a few years later. 

Since the advent of electronic filing systems, the application and licensing forms have been filed, transferred and stored electronically, and deleted at regular intervals.  There are no technicians in the buildings, there's no equipment, no sample testing occurs.

It's all a front: Statutes, regulations, procedures, application forms, buildings, addresses, offices, labs, approved applications and licenses sent by FDA back to the factories, everything.  A handful of people at pharma companies know it.  A handful of people at FDA know it.  And everyone else just assumes that a different, specialized department with specialized staff, equipment and procedures, is handling it somewhere in the factory, and somewhere within FDA.