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There are six main differences identified between C19-v and un-v blood samples, using Raman infrared spectroscopy.  Clifford writes (see post here):  For ANY and ALL modifications to human blood structure via VAX, they should NOT be there. Blood is not to be changed.  Human beings do not command the wisdom of the evolutionary process, nor of nature, nor of the Divine.  ANY change in the structure and nature of human blood is to be understood as a threat to our existence.  The warnings are no secret at this point, and they are trumpeted across the globe by those who value life.  Continue to disregard them at your own peril.  This paper centers on the six peaks that differ, and the implications of those differences.

BUT EVEN MORE IMPORTANT:  These findings point to impaired oxygen transport and reduced functioning of our red blood cells, along with changes to the protein structure and enzymatic activity of human blood. PLUS:  As Carnicom's research has shown, the synthetic cross-domain form that has become a resident component in the tissues of all living organisms is likely the centerpiece of a new polymer-producing artificial biology.  The lay term for polymers is plastics. 

Now watch the documentary "We're All Plastic People Now" on Bitchute