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Italy's former Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, was going to speak in the town of Ostia about his new book Why We Will Heal, but was met with a furious crowd that called him a murderer for pushing the Covid jabs on Italians.

Aussie17 writes on Substack:  It wasn’t just a call for accountability, it was a deep, seething rage, not just confined to that moment ... [such rage] is spreading and intensifying across the world.  The outcry in Ostia marks an escalation, a wider and more intense fire of fury against government officials who betrayed them while making huge profits for the pharmaceutical industry.

Click image for video.

Additionally, Sasha Latypova writes (5/2/24):  In 2022 [the] Attorneys General of 15 states sued [United States Department of Health and Human Services] HHS, trying to repeal the HHS’ definitions of “public health emergency."

HHS refused to amend its definitions of a pandemic and insisted that they can claim absolutely anything is a pandemic.  HHS ultimately prevailed, the case was re-filed by OK and TX, the judge dismissed it and it was not appealed.  In the refusal to amend its definition of a pandemic, HHS stated that “any communicable disease event” - this means a single case of anything they claim “communicable” anywhere in the world (for example, a single cow that “tested positive” for “avian flu”), once announced by the WHO, can qualify for forced testing, tracing, detention and injections of humans or animals in any town or village in any state of the U.S.!

On April 12, 2024 an Executive Order was issued by the Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response (OPPR). Latypova continues:

The HHS Secretary bestows himself with the power to decide which groups of people he can imprison without any real cause in what location. To do this, he only needs to “reasonably” identify these people as being in “pre-communicable stage of a communicable disease”!  I am not making this up.  I wish I were.  This simply says you can be thrown into the quarantine camp by HHS on their belief that you may have common cold.  Potentially.  Some day.