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Yuichiro Miura, champion skiier, took to mountain climbing so he could ski down the mountains he climbed.  Everest was his goal in 1970, and with a team of filmmakers and Nepali Sherpas carrying 27 tons of gear, establishing camps along the way, Miura and six others finally ascended, with a parachute for Miura to use to slow his downhill experiment.  This film tells the story of his effort.  Seven people died along the way.

Miura went on to climb Everest three more times, once at age 70, again a few years later, and once again at age 80.  From Wikipedia: Miura describes his diet as healthy eating and organic food. He starts every day with a breakfast consisting of cooked rice, fermented soya bean, miso soup, eggs, and fish. Once a week he will treat himself to a 500g (18 oz) steak.