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Very strange video from "Maui Exclusive Real Estate" agent who was allowed into his virtually unharmed neighborhood in what is now a restricted area.  This neighborhood was right in the center of a larger area that was entirely destroyed.  At 2:52 you will see a house with a smart meter; all houses seem to have digital meters.  Garage door keypad cover (plastic) is charred on the ground -- just this.  The power lines run underground in this newer neighborhood, built with fire-rated house siding, we are told.  The realtor cites "downed power lines" and "old building codes" to be factors in the fire.

He shows a townhome that was destroyed -- part of the "affordable housing" that burned.  Interesting!  However, washer/dryer remains, along with hot-water heater. At 6 minutes you see a single-family house that burned amidst other similar houses that were untouched.  Toasted cars at 8 minutes, next to a burned townhome; blue car in front of another burned building only slightly melted in the front (reports are that blue things survived!)

More toasted cars with melted glass (this requires more 2500 degrees F), yet other things nearby are unscathed.  This is not fire as we know it.