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Kyle Landry plays an orchestral piece by himself ...


Danced by the Bolshoi Ballet


By the Singapore String Quartet


Guitar version (quartet)


And one more! (solo)


And for those who want to refresh their sheet music skills



We have passed from data collection (from us) to the making of knowledge -- about us.




Computer-science wizard Dr. Ayyadurai, at the age of 14 (!) developed the first software for an inter-office mail system which he named “EMAIL,” resulting in his being awarded the first U.S. copyright for Email, Computer Program for Electronic Mail System.  Today Dr. Ayyadurai is a world-famous systems scientist, with four degrees from MIT and a huge number of inventions and contributions to computer science, engineering and medical research.  Below he describes the lawsuit he filed that revealed social media's backdoor connection to government.  See Dr. Ayyadurai's website here.


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Dr. Tenpenny tells Jane Ruby that the vax-vial contents can be modified up to 49% without notice or disclosure.  This might explain the range of findings from vial examinations taken by different people at different times.  From acute harm (injury and death) to downline cardiac and autoimmune issues, Tenpenny opines that we are only at the very beginning of the "harm curve."





All tied together.  When the CIA was born out of the OSS, the government joined hands with the network of mobs in America to make all kinds of great plans ...