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How aware are you of chemtrails?

Mark Passio was a priest in the Church of Satan.  He is now a "de-occultist."  Interviewed by Alex Jones:

Watch Mark Passio's documentary "The Science of Natural Law":





Covid vaccines are Department of Defense (federal government) property.  Interestingly, they are very haphazardly made, such that they do not conform to their own specifications, which are extremely dangerous to human health.  Dr. Latypova explains (at 30 minutes approximately) that this is why the mortality and morbidity statistics have not been as high as they could have been. Vaccine lots vary widely in their potency, and have thus actually spared people from injuries they could have suffered had the formulations been exact.




If you've ever had any kind of orthopedic injury, including arthritis, here's a book that explains it all.  Amazing information, very clearly presented by an extremely knowledgeable MD, with simple diagrams and lots of links to explore if you want to.  A must read, as we all age and have to rebuild tissues even when we're young.  Five stars -- click image for free download.





This film, directed by Jimmy Goldblum, is on the 2022 Oscars shortlist.