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Says Joe Mercola: "Google began giving you everything you want so it can now take everything you have."  That's right, including your individual autonomy, which is the goal of technology.  Read more here.





Titled Snakes in the Ganga (Ganges river), Rajiv Malhotra has added another layer to his Breaking India thesis.  The first plan to dismantle India was successfully carried out by colonization, beginning with the shenanigans of the famous East India Company.  These days, it is Harvard University's Marxism that is continuing the job.  Malhotra maintains that the Indian caste system and "racial" differences did not exist before Western interference.







YouTube comment:  Europe took years to recover from World War 2.  When there was little money, and little food, there was the radio, and one of the most popular singers in this era was Edith Piaf.  She gave hope and love not only to France, but to most of Western Europe as well.

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