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Design and then surrender to the intelligence already in you!  Read more here.


A family example, years later, based on the same principle ...




What is deuterium?



Why do old photographs so often have white skies?  Why are there no people visible in photos of cities?  This discussion clarifies some interesting things ...




From 1PacificRedwood YouTube channel:  September 11, 2022 - Only 0.08 inches of rain was allowed to fall in the foothill areas of southern California as the remainder of Hurricane Kay moved directly over San Diego and Los Angeles.  The entire Southwest should have received 2-4 inches from this large weather system. Criminals remain in charge of our weather and livelihoods while nobody says a word about this on mainstream media.






Powell was a true explorer, leading expeditions into the Rocky Mountains and along western rivers, as well as an anthropologist who studied native American populations and their languages.  He was the first to demarcate what continues to be the most significant "separation line" in the world -- right through the middle of the United States.  Find out where and why that is from this video, and read more about John Wesley Powell here.


Powell with a Paiute Indian at the Grand Canyon in Arizona, circa 1872.