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How aware are you of chemtrails?

Despite its somewhat dramatic style, there is enough pertinent information in this documentary to make it significant.  Embalmers have come forward to speak about the long clots they are finding in bodies of the vaxxed.  Watch real-time footage of this phenomenon, along with much more.  A critique of this presentation is found here.




Somebody's catching on to what's being peddled and installed around the world!  Rajiv Malhotra gives a thorough and very cleverly critical tutorial on all kinds of new social developments that emerged out of the Frankfurt School of the 1950s and are oh-so-evident on the globalist agenda today.  Must listen!




Commentary by Phil Godlewski ... starts at approximately 23 minutes, but real "intel drop" begins at 52-53 minutes




Retired Foreign Secretary Kanwal Sibal discusses the Marxist phenomenon known as "woke-ism" now penetrating India.  On a panel hosted by Rajiv Malhotra, who faults Marxists at Harvard University for this social invention designed to negate what we know as "normal life."



In this talk, an Indian author observes that India is finally judging the West ...



Troponin is a protein found in heart muscles.  It does not normally make its way into the blood unless heart muscles suffer damage.  As heart damage increases, greater amounts of troponin enter the bloodstream.  High cardiac troponin in the blood is a sign of a recent heart attack.  This expert is asking: If a few heart cells die after the CV-vax, what happens to people's hearts with years of boosters?




This video, an interview of Bill Wood by Project Camelot's Kerry Cassidy, is making the rounds.  But there's more on this supposed military insider.  How to know what people are saying is anywhere near "the truth"?  Read here after you watch the short video below.