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Very strange outcome, but perhaps the best.  World favorite Kamily Valieva (age 15) was officially permitted to compete despite a positive test for a banned substance in December, a decision that created enormous controversy.  However, it was also officially declared that if Valieva placed in the top three, there would be no medal ceremony for women's singles at all.

Performing last in the women's free skate, with all eyes on her and under intense pressure, Kamila made shocking mistakes, falling twice.  This left her in fourth place, with no medal.  Redhead Alexandra Trusova (age 17), known for her thirst to win -- "everything else is losing" -- came in second to brunette Anna Shcherbakova (age 17) who took the gold, and Kaori Sakamoto (age 21) of Japan took the bronze.  Alexandra Trusova sobs inconsolably, and top-placer Anna Shcherbakova looks completely lost as everyone's emotions run wild.

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ABC News report below:



And for a close-up of how it feels to be skating for gold at age 15, watch this: