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Amazing essay by Jon Rappoport -- must read!  An excerpt: 

Cutting to the bottom line: There is NO state of emergency that justifies sweeping away Americans’ basic freedoms. No war, natural or manmade disaster.  NO emergency can override the meaning and spirit of the Constitution.  There is a line that can’t be crossed for any reason.  Otherwise, an official or legislature or court could, armed with an excuse, cancel the Constitution.

That’s exactly what’s happened.  COVID.  It’s diabolically clever, because officials will say: “You can’t make a choice about how to live your life, because what you do affects other people.  If you carry the virus and live out in the open, you’ll infect those around you.  Therefore, you must obey the commands we lay down…”

You must agree to in-house arrest, if a gangster governor deems it necessary.  You can’t go to church.  Your children can’t go to school.  You have to shut down your business.  You can’t earn a living.  You need to go on the public dole.

I’ve spent the past nine months proving that COVID is a medical and scientific fraud.  There is no emergency or great danger.  But even if there were, that bright line from freedom to slavery cannot be breached.  Or we all go down.

Instead, we have to rise up.  We have to live life, work, move forward.  WE HAVE TO OPEN UP THE ECONOMY OURSELVES, every which way we can, regardless of orders from governments—federal, state, or local.

Read the whole thing here.