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Removed from YouTube, but available here.

Excerpt (at 4:00):  Healthy people cannot pass this or any other illness to each other. How can you pass an illness you don't have? There is no such thing as an asymptomatic carrier. This is a lie. Let's talk about the tests. These tests are also meaningless. Do we really even need a test to tell us that someone has a deadly disease? Shouldn't we just see them being sick and dying? Then why are we testing healthy people? There is no [current] test for a virus. There's only a test for gene fragments of unknown origin. We don't know what the tests are even detecting. There's no gold standard, no error rate, no government approval, and no credible science behind these tests. If you're not sick, you're not sick, and no test matters. The more tests performed (which is what they've been doing lately), the more false positive [results] you'll find, and that's how they're manipulating people right now.

From fraudulent claims about a fake virus, horrifically inaccurate computer-model predictions, meaningless test results, fraudulent death certificates, staged hospital video footage, staged field hospitals, fake burial pits, fake ventilator shortages and much more, the stage has been set for tighter control.  We've been wrapped up in restrictions reserved for prisoners: house arrest, standing on marked spaces on the floor, and social isolation.  We've been restricted from travel.  Our children have been deprived of a normal education and social life.  Our businesses have been shut down and we've been told to cover our faces.