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Quoting The New York Times (8/6/20): AMERICA STANDS ALONE.  Nearly every country has struggled to contain the coronavirus.  But only one affluent nation has suffered a severe, sustained outbreak for more than four months: the United States... [There are] two central themes:  First, the United States has a tradition of prioritizing individualism over government restrictions. That aversion to collective action helped lead to inadequate state lockdowns and inconsistent adherence to mask wearing based on partisanship instead of public health.

Second, many experts agree, America’s poor results stem in substantial measure from the performance of the Trump administration.  “If you had to summarize our approach, it’s really poor federal leadership — disorganization and denial,” said Andy Slavitt, who ran Medicare and Medicaid from 2015 to 2017.  The administration’s travel restrictions were insufficient.  Health officials initially gave confusing advice around wearing masks in public.  And the president’s public statements — including claiming that the virus wasn’t serious and would disappear — regularly spread misinformation. In no other high-income country have political leaders so frequently departed from expert advice.

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