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NC opt out


You can opt out, but you need a doctor's permission slip.  Strange, because electro-sensitivity is not recognized as a medical condition per se!  Still, progress is being made.  Read more here.

WOOPS!  I just learned that the replacement meter ("opt out") is a dirty-electricity-generating digital voltage step-down meter-- not a true analog meter.  Utilitiy companies often provide what they say is a non-RF meter, but the digital mechanism can contain RF which may or may not be disabled, and the conversion of 240V it performs to run its 10-watt power supply (the "stepdown" process) puts a huge amount of "noise" on household wiring, which results in electric fields dangerous to human health.




It started with President James Polk breaking the Adams-Onis Treaty in the mid-1840s by taking Texas from Mexico.  Please see the real borders and size of former Mexico below, and read the history of U.S. theft of almost half its land here.

Former Mexico





Florida has long been a receiving ground for international exotic animals (also called "the pet trade").  Imports of dangerous, non-native snakes like the Burmese python have proved to be disastrous, as this species has now become wild and is reproducing madly, while feeding on all kinds of creatures, including deer (specifically fawns) far larger than themselves.  A record event is described in this article (watch the video as well).

Thanks to Commerce and Contracts, our world is rapidly changing ... 

Burmese python