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Watch this video first.  Glyphosate replaces glycine in the body, the simplest amino acid and a building block for a large number of our proteins.  When proteins are made with glyphosate instead of glycine, they fail to do their job properly and then become very hard to denature and re-use (normally what the body does with faulty proteins).  This results in major health failures.



Now for the good news: The molecule made when sodium chlorite is combined with citric acid in the proper ratio (popularly known as MMS) is chlorine dioxide.  Dr. Seneff explains that chlorine dioxide actually takes glyphosate apart and renders it into useful components that the body can re-implement metabolically.




A slam-dunk presentation by Eric Clopper, given at Harvard University:



Rabbi Kushner and Christopher Hitchens:



A circumcision protestor talks:



A mother talks:




Some progressive, well-to-do parents are raising their children without disclosing gender to anyone, not even the child.  You can imagine the clothes, haircuts, behaviors that will be taught, and the bullying/teasing that will likely ensue from other children who know their identity.  The name for a small genderless child is a theyby (pronounced THAY-bee)not a baby.


The Sharpe twins

Quote from this
NBC News post:  "When the Sharpes arrived at the hospital for their delivery, they asked the staff not to announce the twins' sex.  Even after the newborns were put in their arms, their anatomy remained a mystery for several hours ... Is Zyler a boy or a girl?  How about Kadyn?  That's a question their parents, Nate and Julia Sharpe, say only the twins can decide ... Even the children, who are aware of their own body parts and how they may differ from others', are not taught to associate those body parts with being a boy or girl."

Watch the video about the Sharpe twins here.