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How aware are you of chemtrails?

Henrietta Lacks was a sharecropper from the deep South who developed cervical cancer in the 1950s.  Her very aggressive tumor was harvested and the cells were cultured, revealing themselves to be "immortal" -- meaning they did not die in a glass container and were able to continue to replicate.  Thus the first immortal human cell line was born.  "The Way of All Flesh" is an Adam Curtiss documentary about HeLa cells -- used throughout the scientific world today and a component of modern vaccines.  One woman's cancer has found its way into eternity.






It rained a strange kind of silvery material, the "authorities" barraged residents with alert messages, including one for Thursday of the same week! ... Transformers on utility poles burning, as well as junction boxes.  The fires took homes and people along with them; no natural warning whatsoever.

Joe Imbriano interviews:



And see this video taken during the event.



How we choose between realities ...




Dr. Henry Heimlich advocated his Heimlich maneuver for many different critical situations.  Amazingly, it was actually denounced by the Red Cross ...




This is a very informative video.  Slow it down to .75 speed (see gear icon at bottom of YouTube panel, but you might have to go to YouTube to do this) and you will be able to follow more comfortably.  The information is not comforting, though!