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SB 6037 is the "Uniform Parenting Act," granting adults with intent (or desire) to acquire/adopt children more rights than those of children to their biological parents.  Surrogacy has become a popular way for those who are unable to give birth to become parents, or legally acquire children.  Not all of these people have good intentions toward those children.  The website writes: SB 6037 shows us – children are objectified and put at risk. They become commodities that can be cut and pasted into any adult arrangement. Maybe one parent, or two or three or maybe more. Men and/or women. Married or unmarried. Genetically related or genetic strangers. Living or dead. ... 

Of course, even children created through reproductive technologies who grow up in the “best case” scenario still suffer loss.  That’s why many donor-conceived children oppose all forms of surrogacy and third-party reproduction.  Washington lawmakers, are your really comfortable creating a state-sanctioned global marketplace of children in your state? Because that’s what SB 6037 will do. 

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