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With the February Parkland school shooting right in his back yard, President Trump has joined the mental-health crusade.  His words:  We're going to be focusing very strongly that mental health because here's a case of mental health.  Part of the problem is we used to have mental institutions -- I said this yesterday -- we had a mental institution where you take a sicko, like this guy, who's sick guy.  So many signs.  And you bring them to a mental health institution ... Those institutions a largely closed because communities didn't want them.  Communities didn't want to spend the money for them.  So you don't have any intermediate ground ... you can't put him in jail because he hasn't done anything yet, but you know he's going to do something.  So we're going to be talking seriously about opening mental health institutions again.  In some cases re-opening.  I can tell you a New York -- the governors in New York -- it was a very, very bad thing when they closed our mental institutions, so many of them.  You have these people living on the streets.  And I can say that in many cases, throughout the country, they're very dangerous -- they shouldn't be there.  So we're going to be talking about mental institutions ... and ... when you have a person like this, you can bring him into a mental institution.  And they can see what they can do, but we gotta get them out of our communities.

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