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"Blight" is a term used in Agenda 21 urban planning for areas that are in a state of near ruin and need to be rebuilt.  Agenda 21 planners consider schoolyards and parking lots to be "blighted" (despite the fact that they are being used) ... the idea is to re-zone and replace with Stack-n-Pack housing and cram "greater function" into what was previously "low use."

Could it be that the savage, very peculiar but supposed "wildfires" in California that remove entire dwellings but leave trees and bushes intact, also selectively removing certain commercial venues (e.g., a bowling alley) will pave the way for re-zoning and new construction that better fits the Agenda 21 vision?  Multi-family triplexes and four-plexes where single homes once stood ... Re-do the suburbs altogether in a style that accommodates the vast immigration from Latin America that is now pushing northward ...