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The market for the mineral coltan has exploded since the advent of cell phones.  The element tantalum, used in computers and cell phones, is derived from coltan mining, and we know that people upgrade their cell phones at the drop of a hat ... which means that more children in Africa are kidnapped and put to work in the coltan mines.  Here, minister Lex Johnson urges his audience not to upgrade and to put a message on their phones that informs callers about the underage slaves in coltan mines ... BOTH ARE ACTION STEPS!



Cobalt mines also employ underage children in Africa for the ultimate purpose of manufacturing lithium batteries.  The man shown at the end of this video has a classici thyroid goiter, likely a result of iodine deficiency.  Spending so many hours deep in the mines, the people get no sunlight and thus no Vitamin D, which is catastrophic to their health and vitality.