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World birth rates 2015


Most of the world is not making a lot of babies anymore, except for Africa.  Angola, Niger and Mali top the charts in crude birth rate (see here), Japan and Monaco are at the bottom.  What this means is that the average population in non-birthing countries is rapidly aging, without younger members to help and give care (and love!).  The shortage of working, productive humans will be devastating worldwide; hence the need for population imports.  But, as emigrants leave their countries to serve in others, those who remain will age and die alone as well.  Read article here (excerpted) and here in the original Spanish.

Mali mother

Quote: The progressive shortage of [global] "human capital" is manifested in a conclusive fact: that migrants arriving in the E.U. have progressively higher ages, which indicates that there are fewer and fewer younger people in their places of origin ... In 20-25 years, hundreds of millions of people, if not billions, will probably suffer a terrible old age and premature ... death.  The greatest genocide in the history of mankind is underway.

And when you add in the devastation of "programs" being launched against us all (e.g. geoengineering, GMOs, vaccines, etc.) the picture of future suffering gets a whole lot worse ...