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Master herbalist David Christopher traveled to speak at a cancer-prevention symposium in India and found out the speakers only had 15 minutes each to talk.  He says: "I was devastated.  Over 39 hours of travel to speak for 15 minutes?  Surely I needed two to four hours to adequately cover this important subject."  So he consolidated his material down to diet, lifestyle and mammograms.


India mammogram

"I made reference ot the lack of wisdom in pressing the breast between two metal plates with 35 pounds of pressure and irradiating this delicate tissue with radiation levels higher than chest x-rays, on an annual basis.  The audience laughed when I pointed out that men don't volunteer for similar treatment, even though testicular cancer is a concern."

He pointed out that America spends more money on cancer than any other country, yet continues to have the highest incidence.  India's cancer rate is very low -- among the lowest in the world.  "The best course for India to prevent cancer is to stay away from the U.S. lifestyle, from dangerous U.S. medical testing, from dangerous American pharmaceuticals, from American chemical companies, American fast food and American agribusiness."  Read more here.