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Known as inclined bed therapy, this is catching on like wildfire.  Rediscovered by Andrew Fletcher, a British engineer, raising the head end of your bed by 6 inches apparently has huge benefits.  We have slept "flat" because it's the norm, yet ancient Egyptian tombs revealed tilted beds, so the idea is not a new one.  Animals also sleep on inclines whenever possible, Fletcher notes.

Raise your bed (head end) using books or pieces of wood -- start with 3-4 inches to get used to the slant.  You'll wake up feeling quite different -- warm and comfortable and energized, and that's the very least of it.  Sleeping tilted greatly improves blood and lymph flow, enabling your body to heal and detox with much greater efficiency.  It seems to relieve everything from psoriasis to migraines, as well as digestive issues and sleep apnea (snoring!).  Perhaps the cheapest, niftiest health boost in the universe!  Read more here.