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Click on the image below for Dr. Mercola's newsletter on sunscreens and Vitamin D.  Scroll down to find the graphic that shows Vitamin D synthesis (your body making Vitamin D from sunlight) on a monthly basis in the U.S.  (Although this chart suggests that almost no Vitamin D is made in lower U.S. latitudes during the winter, I have heard otherwise: north of Atlanta, Georgia is the cut-off line for the months of November through February.)

Sunscreens are a no-no, unless they contain only a short list of ingredients and are physical blocks employing non-nano zinc. (The Mercola newsletter suggests that titanium dioxide (non-nano) is acceptable, but I have heard otherwise.  Please see for Bali Bloc sunscreen -- four simple ingredients and totally organic too!  Use on high-exposure areas like nose and chest and knees, but if you want to smear it elsewhere, it's waterproof and lasts all day.)

Vitamin D chart US