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A doctor trying to deliver a premature breech (feet first) baby in a Scotland hospital only succeeded in decapitating the tiny infant as its head got stuck behind the mother's cervix.  It was an emergency delivery, preceded by an ultrasound scan a few days earlier.  The mother's water broke at 25 weeks, with the baby's heartbeat dropping precipitously.

Baby doll

Quote from [The mother said] “I tried to get off the bed but they pulled me back three times and just said they had to get the baby out,” she continued. “They twice tried to cut my cervix and nobody told me they were going to do it. There was no anaesthetic. I said to them ‘it doesn’t feel right, stop it, what’s going on, I don’t want to do it’ but nobody responded to me in any way.”

Charles Garside QC, a lawyer for the General Medical Council, said [Dr. Vaishnavy Laxman] made the wrong decision to try to deliver the baby boy in breech position. “… there was an obstruction during the birth which proved to be fatal. Dr. Laxman allegedly delivered the legs, torso and arms successfully but whilst trying to deliver the head, it got stuck in the cervix.”  Read story here.

Comments by birth-trauma researcher Jeanice Barcelo: "Absolutely not the first time this has happened, and it will not be the last. As long as these insanely controlling [obstetricians] continue to force babies out of the womb before they are ready to be born, they will ultimately end up terrorizing, traumatizing, physically violating and even murdering innocent mothers and babies, who, if left alone, would have fared far better. ... [This] baby was no doubt trying to hightail it out of the mother's body due to ultrasound exposure a few days earlier.  Ultrasound is known to induce premature birth and miscarriage.  It causes massive overheating of the amniotic fluid as well as heating of the blood, brain fluids and bones."

Read Jeanice's blog post here.