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Strange and disturbing.  For decades scientists have posited that "young blood" can reverse the symptoms of aging such as loss of memory, and [improve] muscle function and metabolism. ... Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel is one of the prominent personalities fueling the buzz around how blood transfusions may help fight aging.  He told Inc. he finds the mice studies involving parabiosis to be "really interesting." ... Entrepreneur Jesse Karmazin launched Ambrosia in 2016, focusing on bringing the concept of "young blood" to human beings ... For $8,000, you will receive 1.5 liters of plasma from a donor between the ages of 16 and 25 ... So-called "vampire facelifts" are another phenomenon born out of the potential rejuvenating power of blood. 

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Stanislaw Burzynski, MD. Ph.D. has rattled conventional medicine with his treatment of cancer patients with antineoplaston therapy, with very impressive results.  Dr. Burzynski, a biochemist and medical doctor originally from Poland, is something of a genius.  He maintains that healthy people have certain tumor-attacking biological materials (in the form of certain genes) that are switched on, and people with cancer are lacking in these active (i.e., switched on) genes.  By transferring these active genes (antineoplastons) into cancer patients, their chances of recovery greatly improve.  Listen to Dr. Glidden's introduction for more information, and the interview:



Note: For those who are trying to reconcile the differences between what Dr. Burzynski says (cancer is due to gene mutation) and what Dr. Bush (see videos below) says (there is no disease, only failure of health/body), try replacing the word "disease" as Dr. Burzynski uses it with "failure."  Cancer, he says, is caused by sick genes in all sorts of combinations: "Cancer is a group of hundreds of thousands of different diseases."  Individuals' bodies fail in any combination of ways, thus cancer is different from patient to patient, no matter what kind it is.


Watch the full documentary, Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business





Restore for gut healthSeveral friends and I have been trying out the product Restore by Biomic Sciences, LLC.  Restore is a gut-microbiome fortifier in liquid form -- resulting from the work and discoveries of Dr. Zach Bush (see his interviews posted below).  Please listen to the interviews before buying this product -- truly fascinating information and real hope for all of us!

Each person, according to Dr. Bush, should have a complement of 20,000 to 30,000 bacterial species in the gut biome, our intestinal environment, which is contained by the gut membrane, a single-cell-thick layer that extends from the sinus cavity all the way to the rectum.  On the other side of our gut membrane is the production system for 70% of our antibodies (a.k.a. the Th2 immune system).  When the tight junctions (special protein strands) in our gut membrane begin to fail, systemic breakdown occurs.  All disease begins with failure of the tight junctions in the gut, otherwise known as "leaky gut," Dr. Bush tells us.

Glyphosate is the world's most prevalent toxin, says Dr. Bush, and its immediate effect in the body is on our tight junctions.  With glyphosate in the rain and the air itself, no matter what we eat (organic or not), our gut firewall is failing.  The complement of gut bacteria in each of us is extremely limited ("monogut"), due to decades of agricultural toxification of the world's soil (chemical fertilizers/pesticides).  It now takes 44 different people together make up a mere 10,000 bacterial species (an NIH study).

Restore contains carbon metabolites from desert earth in the southwestern United States that were made by bacteria from eons ago.  The bacteria are long gone but their metabolites remain in the soil, and these molecules act as redox signalers in our bodies, forming a vital part of cellular communication that we are all missing.  Absent the bacteria themselves, the carbon signaling molecules nonetheless manage to close the tight junctions in our internal firewall -- this is the gift Dr. Bush has given us.  The clinically tested results: a lot of systemic repair.  There is no disease, says Dr. Bush, only our failing health, and it begins in our gut.

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Some people have gotten excited about the supposed crackdown on sex- and human trafficking by the Trump administration ("1500 arrests" so far!).  BUT, it turns out not to be what was expected.  Read more here and watch this James Corbett news report from minute 4:00 onwards.


Trump Epstein connection 2004 Epstein telephone log


LGBT issues continue to bombard us, with more confusion from Bruce-now-Caitlyn Jenner, hoping to interest us with a new book about the secrets of his life.  Jenner, a Republican, wants his party to do more for "my community" -- meaning LGBTs, not the residents of Malibu, where s/he lives.  Watch an interview here (if you're interested); below, compare Jenner's stunning image-upgrade Photoshop transformation.

Caitlyn Jenner 2017 Jenner's new book

Caitlyn Jenner, transformed (again) with Photoshop.


Jenner is supposed to have had gender reassignment surgery in January 2017 (interviewed by Larry King below).  Missing from this interview is his/her statement from the May 1 issue of People: "They don’t know that when I look into the mirror I see something entirely different, a body I loathe: a beard that is noticeable no matter how close the shave, a penis that is useless except for pissing in the woods,” says Jenner, who underwent gender confirmation surgery in January.






Today, Planned Parenthood "affiliates" (operation hubs) partner with biotech companies to provide fetal tissues and body parts.  Watch the brisk chatter and negotiations in this undercover video.  Read about how Planned Parenthood began (the story of Margaret Sanger and Dr. Goody Pincus) in the book The Birth of the Pill.



Interesting dialogue here with VP of Planned Parenthood Dawn Laguens:




More technical information on Dr. Zachary Bush's gut-biome/glyphosate discoveries:




Benny Hinn has one of the largest-grossing ministries out there today: