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A friend said this about Trump's win on election night ... (Trump is a bit of a stiff dancer, I must say -- watch Pence, much better):




Quotes from an excellent article (read it here): Media pomposity is exposed as fakery. Millions of people see through the ruse. ... Truth be told, as their financial positions sink into dire red ink, press operations are trapped. Why?  Because they are partners with the high-level criminals whose activities are the very stories the public wants to know about.  Reporting on these crimes in great depth, day after day, would resuscitate the newspapers and broadcast networks. ... 


Television news


You could talk to the publisher of the New York Times and present him with an ironclad plan for pulling his paper out of its deep financial hole, based on covering TRUE STORIES, and you would find no joy, because he would rather go down with the ship than go up against the Matrix.  Expose [reality] down to the core, and people would buy newspapers off the rack like they buy coffee and beer and video games and cell phones and gasoline and underwear and toilet paper ... The Times would have to schedule extra press runs just to keep up with the demand.  Its financial bottom line would soon look like Christmas.

[BUT ...]

Think of major media as a ship. In full view of the passengers, the captain has just steered it into a shore of high rocks. The craft is beginning to tilt, and it’s taking on water. As the passengers scramble to safety on the beach, the captain is yelling, “Don’t leave, come back, everything is all right, I didn’t do anything wrong, it’s your fault, you’re too stupid to understand the correct principles of navigation!”  Translation: “I’m committing suicide. Go down with me.”





Daniel Everett, Ph.D. is a linguistics expert who has worked with over 24 languages in the Amazon.  In this video he shows the technique of monolingual field work.  "Monolingual" means neither speaker has any language in common.  Anyone can learn any language if enough time and practice is applied!  In this demonstration, Dr. Everett does not even know which language his demonstration subject is speaking (and for English speakers, it's not an easy one):



Another talk by Dan Everett on his study of the Piraha in the Amazon (they use "hum speech" and whistling to communicate perfectly):




The Piraha tribe of the Amazon (not their name for themselves) is a true no-worries culture.  They have resisted conversion to Christianity and have no language for the distant past or future.  They laugh constantly, do not use mathematics or numbers, cannot read or write, make no tools ... the list goes on.  Professor Daniel Everett of Bentley University (a former missionary) spent decades with them and lost his own Christian beliefs; his book Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes (the Piraha way of saying "goodnight") took the world by storm.  Here's a talk by Dr. Everett:



His famous short YouTube summary of his experiences:




Here we go again -- foreshadowing at its finest.  Listen to this clip from May 1958, "The End of the World" Texas Rangers series -- quite freaky!  See Wayback Machine archive here.




Lots to contemplate here:



Read about Sacred Torus Stones here.  Amazing information indeed!


Sacred torus stone




Watch this video, and see how one flash of lightning makes the night sky look like day.  The atmosphere (Google it) is mostly nitrogen, which fluoresces blue.  More to come on this.