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Dr. Rima Laibow tells us of her husband's ordeal during his last days ... General Bert died today (February 6th, 2017) on his 87th birthday.  He died not from heart disease, not from kidney failure, not from multiple infections and pneumonias.  He died from a lack of health freedom: the freedom of Informed Consent -- to choose to have nutrients, food and Vitamin C [given to him] ... [His death was] imposed by a system designed to sell drugs, keep people sick and then kill them.  It is called "Allopathic Medicine" and is the product and tool of the massive, and massively evil, globalist agenda.  Read more here.

Dr. Rima Laibow and Gen. Bert Stubblebine



College campus


Now it's taking over colleges.  Colleges are becoming clinics for psychiatric treatment, Jon Rappoport tells us in this February 7th blog post.  Quote: A college student says to himself, “I’m having trouble with my courses. I don’t understand what my professors want. My reading level isn’t good enough. I don’t like the professors who have a political bias. I’m confused. I miss my friends back home. I feel like a stranger on campus. I’d like to date, but I don’t know where to start. There are groups on campus. Should I join one? Well, maybe I need help. I should go to the counseling center and talk to a psychologist. That’s what they’re there for. Maybe I have a problem I don’t know about…”  And so it begins. 

The student is looking for an explanation of his problems. But this search will morph into: having a socially acceptable excuse for not doing well.  Understand the distinction.  After a bit of counseling, the student is referred to a psychiatrist, who makes a diagnosis of depression, and prescribes a drug.  Now the student says, “That’s a relief. Now I know why I have a problem. I have a mental disorder. I never knew that. I’m operating at a disadvantage. I’m a victim of a brain abnormality. Okay. That means I really shouldn’t be expected to succeed. Situations affect my mood. What people say affects my mood.”

But it doesn't stop at colleges!  Read the rest of this very astute article here.



"It planted a seed and I began to do some of my own research ..."  A clear and thorough presentation of the Israeli occupation of Palestine by Jewish-American Anna Baltzer:





Not real "counselors," just salespeople.  Squeezing your elbow when you are confused.  Private abortion clinic owner speaks:




This is what happens when parents fall victim to dictates from authorities -- search parens patriae on this website to learn more:



Woops!  Taken down by YouTube.  Please see it here.



Self-explanatory ... very important info for computer users!




See for more




Conspiracy Granny is dialed into the DHS/FEMA drills that are popping up everywhere in America, and are essentially exercises that allow local law enforcement agencies to qualify for [more] federal grant money to further militarize [themselves] and expand America's police state.  In this video, outside a mall in San Antonio where an alleged shooter was on the rampage, Granny tries to assuage worried bystanders that people caught inside are safe, and that this is simply another drill.  Police, however, chase Granny away.