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How aware are you of chemtrails?

This YouTube channel analyzes body language -- quite well, as a matter of fact.  We all absorb these signals unconsciously; here's your chance to be made conscious:





Our wireless world

A website that will give you chills.  Very thorough interpretation and analysis of our wireless world and its proven potential to do us great harm biologically.  Quote from home page: The world is so beautiful!  Why give it all up for Wi-cancer?  Wireless technologies produce the voltage of cancer. ... Wi-communications technology is violent technology.  Like nuclear radiation, the antenna frequencies of RF/microwaves are delivered as photons (energy packets), having both particle and wave behavior.  Microwave frequencies couple with human flesh as pulsing electromagnetic currents, creating hot spots throughout the tissues.  These currents carry voltage that oscillates the polarity of living cells millions to billions of cycles per second.  Because wireless radiation is pulse-modulated to produce voice and data signals, it is loaded with various combinations of ELFs (extremely low frequencies), plus kiloHz frequencies riding along on the carrier waves.  This complex energy causes significant vibration which atoms, molecules and tissues cannot withstand.  Cells break down from the jackhammering effect, causing displacement of calcium.  Leaky cells become functionally deficient.  Oxidative stress, inflammation and damaged DNA are guarantees.  Premature aging and chronic disease set it.

This is only the beginning.  Will you be an ostrich and put your head in the sand?  Read more at






Read this article about a little girl who had to have half her brain removed if you're a parent who thinks "it's"better to spread out vaccines." 



The meaning of "young adult" has changed ...




For a lift during the February doldrums, Gloria Gaynor from 1980, Festival de Vina (Chile):



 See the athletic version of this song here!



Airline pilots have chosen to make emergency landings in odd places -- off the beaten path! -- in dire situations.  This video looks at six such events:




The person who made this video specializes in studying wireless radiation.  He has also studied ionizing radiation, to a lesser degree.  Here he places a Geiger counter over a popular pendant made of volcanic rock that many people wear to "protect themselves from EMF radiation" -- wireless frequencies, and possibly electromagnetic fields (EMF can stand for either).  Background ionizing radiation (from radioactivity) is generally only a few counts per minute (e.g. 20), depending on where you are.




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