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The BBC tells us that replication of scientific research results is not happening very easily these days: "Science is facing a reproducibility crisis where more than two-thirds of researchers have tried and failed to reproduce another scientist's experiments."  Surprise, surprise!  We know that many studies are industry funded, with "favorable" results ... Does this admission suggest that research results in the world of science might actually be made up?  (Oh, no, never!)  Read the report here.





Human trafficking and child abuse are terms we hear a lot these days, but this short video by Sean Turnbull of SGT Report exposes the extent to which traffickers and abusers of human beings are operating.  Warning: disturbing content, and a lot to think about:





Rosalind Peterson is in the process of launching an updated version of her much-loved website.  This was the granddaddy of the Skywatch websites nationwide ... (new site not ready yet).  In the meantime, she has put out a call for images/footage of early persistent trails; these are showing up in old films (in some cases, added years later as post-production effects to "normalize" the phenomenon); here is one clip of jet trails at the end of a 1968 Steve McQueen movie.  Click on image below and scroll down to see video footage of chemtrails shot in the very early 2000s in California:


Video footage early trails CA


 If you have photos/footage prior to 2000, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



This turns everything over on its head.  I have not finished reading, but here's the post -- very long; get in a nice comfortable chair.  Miles Mathis is known for his deep research and rather astounding discoveries.  The long-held mainstream story is that the "Manson family" murdered actress Sharon Tate in the home of director Roman Polanski.  Mathis's long post takes us into many unexpected and very twisted corridors, suggesting that the accepted version of events was concocted.


Sharon Tate  Manson Family Roman Polanski 



Butoh dancing, mind-control


The gaps in the picture are starting to fill in.  It is a Big Picture, in which rich people and charitable organizations star as do-gooders who want to reach out and help the world's poor, especially the world's poorest children.  Read this post for more -- from the making of cults to farming the disadvantaged into deep submission and the darkest kinds of exploitation.  (Also see the video on Haiti below.)

Charities to save children



Ignore the title if it offends you ... listen and watch anyway!




Jake Morphonios has made a video that ties a lot of things together: