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The mother of the Hampstead children:



Is Alisa embedded in this Audi commercial (aired during the Superbowl)?



 Interview with Jeran of Jeranism:




A head-straightening address by Andrew Breitbart to an indoctrinated college student:



Note: The college student is using a voice called the "false feminine" (see author Carol Gilligan, In a Different Voice, pdf article here), which is not an authentic voice, but a childlike substitute developed in adolescence.  A YouTube on how this physically works:





A YouTube commentator with the channel pocketsofthefuture, whose background is in counseling, explains how Hollywood corrupts our hearts:






It's called the Twisted Envy Women's Hail Pizza Heavyweight Hoodie and can be bought here in any of 10 different colors.  Notice the inverted pentagram.  Why are we to Hail Pizza?  Not a friendly or wholesome suggestion given today's new understanding. 

Amazon Pizza Hoodie



A 2016 report from the BBC (read it here).  We can guess why.  Quote: Europol estimates that around 10,000 unaccompanied children have gone missing in Europe over the past two years.  The BBC World Service Inquiry programme asks why so many have disappeared. ... Some of them have been sent by their parents hoping their child would have a better chance at life ... In 2015, according to Missing Children Europe, 91% of the children who arrived in Europe on their own were boys, and 51% were from Afghanistan.


BBC Report on Missing Children



A great discussion between Sean Turnbull and Clif High from  Begins with ways to out-maneuver Google and the crackdown on real news, then gets into current subjects of interest, including Pedogate and silver:





Astrud Gilberto version (the classic):



Portuguese (Jobim/Gilberto) here (original classic).